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ALCA public policy activities are operated under the auspices of the ALCA membership through its officers and representatives.  The ALCA Government and Professional Relations Committee is the direct arm that handles these activities regularly.

Public policy and government and professional relations are important activities for ALCA.  This effort requires awareness on the part of our members.  Toward that end, ALCA, in conjunction with the American Counseling Association and the other state branches, has established a state link for CAPWHIZ, a computerized identification and information system, that allows us to locate political leaders and political issues easily and readily.

To access the system immediately, go to  Once there, scroll down to the "State Elected Officials" section of the page, pull up Alabama in the box provided, and click on "Go".  This site alerts you to all national issues but also gives you ready identification of our state leaders and their contact information.

We hope this service is helpful.  If you have any questions, contact the ALCA Office at or 205-652-1712.

                              2010 ALCA Day on the Hill

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