ALCA "ICON" Interviews

Dr. Glenda Elliott
Interview Transcript
   Establishment of Division of ALGBTIC 2006 with Paul Hard. Donna Melder, Frank Hrabe
First ALGBTICAL Reception at ALCA Conference 2005 with Mark Leggett, Donna Melder, Angela Stowe
Glenda R. Elliott Scholarship Endowment at UAB
    ALCA Awards Breakfast 2011 with Lynn Boyd, Frank Hrabe, Michael Lebeau
UAB Chi Sigma Iota Banquet 2012 with Gary Williams, Michael Lebeau, Melissa Scott, Angela Stowe
   With Harriett Shaeffer at First ALGBTICAL Workshop 2007
With Juanita Turner UAB Counselor Education Program
Glenda Presiding Over ALCA LGBT Special Issues Committee 2004
Ala Safe Schools Training Team
With Jamie Satcher at ALCA Awards Breakfast
  With Michael Lebeau Past President of ALCA
UAB Safe Zone Retirement Reception with Jamie Grimes
With Frank Hrabe ALGBTICAL Co-Founder
   Chi Sigma Iota Workshop at Jacksonville State Univ
First Safe Schools Session at ALCA 2003 Conference with Gloria Anderson, Angie Coker, Angela Stowe
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